Why did you decide for career in software development?


Software developers have a fascinating job and get a pretty good salary for doing it. Speaking honestly, this is the primary reason why people choose this career. After all, we need money to live and nobody would choose such a difficult field of study if the salary was inadequate.

But in spite of that, you should try to stress other motives for your career choice in an interview. You should talk about good predispositions for a job, added value you can bring to the team, or even about some sort of inner calling to software development, a calling one can not resist :).

What more, you should be focused on the future, not on the past. That means, you should not say that you want to get this job, just because you have studied the same field. That would indicate that you applied for a job in software development because you had to, not because you wanted to. And recruiters do not like such job applicants.

Sample answers

She chose a career in software development and is happyI always liked to work with computers. It was my passion since the childhood. What more, I wasn’t just playing games like the others. I liked to work with programs and also pointed out on many bugs in young age. When I was deciding about my studies, it was clear I was aiming for software development and as you can see on my resume, I was doing everything I could to be able to work in this field, the one I really love.

Each of us has some skills. I believe to be skilled in project management and software development. I developed few interesting programs on my own and I really believe that with my creative ideas, I can bring an added value to your company. That is the reason why I decided for career in this field.

First of all, I fulfill all the job requirements. I believe to be ready to have this job. Secondly, I really like the role and the possibilities it offers to the developers. I would be be proud to work for your company on this position.

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