Where do you see yourself in five years time?


Different fields of business offer various options for career growth. If we speak about software development and project management, there are nearly always positions of team leaders, or senior developers/testers where one can progress.

However, you should consider the available options in the company where you apply for the job, prior to deciding what to say. Maybe it goes about a small company and there aren’t any possibilities for promotion. If it is a case, you should say that you would be very happy to hold the same position in five years time.

But if you apply for a job in a big company, you should always have a next position on your mind, the one you can realistically get in five years time.

Employers welcome loyal employees

Woman stays in front of other job applicantsWe learn a lot working in good companies that apply agile methodology in their projects. A trained employee is actually an asset and the employer treats him like an asset. But what if he suddenly leaves? All investments are gone…

Interviewers are aware of it and always try to hire people who prefer to stay with the company for a long time, loyal employees. If you had a lot of jobs in the past, I would suggest to NOT mention it on your resume. List just those jobs where you spent a considerable amount of time, for example two years. (If you are a fresher, the situation differs of course.)

On the top of that, connect your future career with options in their company, anytime talking about your goals. It does not matter if you would like to grow or prefer to stagnate :), you should always say you would love to work for them. That’s what matters.


Example answers

I do not think about the future too much. I am looking for a job of software developer in a growing company like yours, one where I can bring some added value and improve my skills over the years. I would be more than happy to have the same job in five years time.  I know there will be new projects here all the time, so I do not think I will stagnate.

My career goal is to become a senior software testing consultant in five, or in ten years from now. I know there is a long way in front of me. And I understand I can start this journey in your company. So, if everything goes well, I will become a senior consultant in this company in five, or in ten years time. At least that’s the goal.

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