What programs have you developed so far?


People are having fun browsing a creative development portfolioMany people can talk about doing a job, but few can really do it. Therefore, interviewers are strongly interested in your practical experience. They want to see what you have developed so far.

Actually it goes about one of the most important interview questions. If you are able to present your work well, if you can describe the added value it brought to target audience, if you can show your part on the development, it can convince them to hire you (in certain circumstances).

On the other hand, if you say you have not developed anything, or can not talk properly about your experience and added value for final users, your chances to get a job will be gone for good.

Therefor, try to always focus on the description of the following:

  • goal of the program you developed (why did you do it?)
  • special things you did in order to achieve the goal
  • problems you faced and solved when developing it
  • application of agile methodology in the process (if applicable)
  • demonstration of final results and usability

Prepare everything prior to the job interview

You should prepare for this task in advance. If you have enough time, it is a good idea to create a presentation in which you briefly outline all programs you developed independently, or as a member of a team.

Focus on the things I already mentioned in the presentation, such as application of agile, demonstration of final results and the added value you brought to the project.

What more, I suggest you to design a personal website where one can see your work and try/download the products you developed so far. Such a website represents a strong point on your resume and interviewers can come back to it after the interview, in a process of decision making. You know, the decision maker isn’t always present in the interview. A boss, e.g. an IT director, or a CTO, is often the one who says a final YES or NO. He is not coming to the interviews. He only receives a report and resumes of all applicants. So a link to your personal work portfolio is definitely a good part on a resume, if not the essential one.

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