Here is a simple program, beta version. Imagine that you should test it using agile testing. How would you progress?


Many people can talk about their skills and qualification, for a long time. But if there is a real problem to solve, they will choke. That is why interviewers apply these sort of complex questions to see and assess few things:

  • If you really understand the job and can apply agile in practice.
  • If you can manage the project and work independently, or if you always need someone else to lead you, or even to spoon-feed you.
  • Level of your communication skills, if you can explain difficult things in a simple way.
  • If you can solve real problems and deal with real tasks in a daily job.  

Handshake with a chosen job seeker in an interviewHave a good system of work and answer all partial questions

If you want to be an excellent and useful team member in a project, you will have to be a good listener, have good analytical and communication skills and after all, be able to work independently.

Therefor, you should approach this question carefully. Do not hesitate to ask for paper and pen to prepare your solution thoughtfully. Your notes will help you to deliver a good presentation at the end.

Think wisely, set project milestones and identify main areas of testing. Show them that you have real experience with things, that you are not only “a talker”.

Be ready to work with computer

It is not an unusual picture to see the interviewers asking the applicants to run LoadRunner, or similar product, to let him make some real time testing, or even write a piece of code in an interview.

If it happens, accept a task and work calmly. Speed is not the most important factor in this case. Your motivation, attitude and focus on the task is what matters. Interviewers observe it all the time. Please, do not forget on it.

What to say at the end?

This was the last answer and we hope that our website has helped you. However, it should not be the end of your interview preparation… Now it is time to work on your communication skills and learn how to sell your skills and knowledge to the interviewers. That’s the only way to become really confident and ready to ace the interview. Our “I Will Get a Job!” recording will guide you on your way towards a coveted job contract. Thank you for checking it out!